Correct translation is a sensitive translation. One that can present all the relevant nuances of the origin language, and as such it must be faithful to it. 

When they say God is in the small details, so it is in translation. However, that is just one layer of translation.

The second layer of translation, which is as important as the first, is accuracy. For every professional field has a language; a conceptual world; a mode of expression – the list goes on and on, and the need to translate all of these things accurately is great.

The legal language is rich in nuance, and requires strict adherence to the smallest of details and beyond when it comes to legal texts. There are several instance, even, where life is concerned, and submitting evidence to court when it is poorly transcribed can cause serious damage.

To do this requires deep professional understanding and performance by people experienced in the field. Conclusive Evidence has inscribed upon its flag a dedication to excellence in the field of legal translations in a wide range of languages.

So what is left?

All that is left now is for you to try us, and for us to start a new professional relationship.

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We translate from any language into any language, with an emphasis on precision and loyalty to the original.

Absolutely. In such a case, we wil transcribe the recording in its native language (the language spoken in the recording) and then translate the file to the requested language. For some languages, we can even offer Text-to-Speech service – at the end of which we will provide you both the translation file and an MP3 file in the requested language.

We provide over a decade of translation/transcription/recording/authenticity testing services for the leading law firms, investigation companies, and courts in Israel. All information is kept securely and in full discretion. Only those who provided us with the job will ever receive details about its status or finished project files.