Notarized Translation

Notarized Translation.

A notarized translation is a binding and formal legal document.

The notarization proves to any relevant body that the original document has indeed been reliably translated, that a certified Notary has reviewed the two documents – the source and the translation -, that they approved the translation, and that they vouch as to the accuracy of the translated document.

The notary’s wage is determined by law.

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We specialize in the legal translation of legal documents, commercial contracts, legal contracts, patents, and the translation of tapes for legal purposes.

Once you have transferred the material you wish to translate, we will review the material and understand all the relevant parameters to perform the translation, after which we will reply to you with a quote and a submission deadline.

Once the translation is approved, a translator speaking both languages at a native level will start working on the translation and make sure the translated document can be understood completely by the target audience.

When it comes to legal records, it’s crucial to be legible, exact, and to communicate the contents accurately.

Professional legal translation services ensure your legal documents are translated with maximum accuracy.

We have many years of experience in legal translations in all languages, especially in English, Arabic, Russian, and Hebrew where we are leading the market for legal translations.

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