Reliable, fast, and accurate service.

Dear Itzik,

I thank you and all of the employees at Conclusive Evidence for accurate translation services in such a big variety of languages.

The service is very fast, the translation reliable, and you can present it with great confidence to the court.

That is not something to be taken for granted.

And that gives the lawyers at my firm ease of mind and security, in places where they do not know the language and need the translation of complex legal documents.

The translation jobs you’ve done for us so far have been truly exceptional, and have helped us and the court overcome the language barrier and make use of very important evidence that could influence the fate of the case.

Thank you very much.

Adv. Ravit Ben Sarouk-Violzny

Ben Sarouk-Vilozny Law Firm

When I work with professionals I am looking for: professionalism, availability, decency, dedication, and, above all, that I will be seen as a client and that my needs and constraints will be understood.

In Itzik Merkel, the owner of Conclusive Evidence, I have found all of these traits and much, much more.

From years of personal experience, and the experience of the dozens of lawyers I referred Itzik to, I can recommend him and the services he provides whole-heartedly and without any hesitation.

Adv. Moshe Geva

MG Tax Law Firm

Dear Isaac,

There are no words to describe the huge soul you put into each and every job I pass on to you.

But it is worth noting, specifically, the direct translation work you did at our office with English-speaking customers.

During the course of this job, you translated the preparatory conversation for a police interrogation so accurately that it produced great results.

You did not skip any questions, you put all of the preparation for the interrogation on paper, and you, of course, recorded so that everything would be wonderfully accurate – and so it was!

The customers themselves were astonished by the high caliber and accuracy of the translation, which undoubtedly resulted in the great outcome in terms of the police interrogation itself.

And for that, my friend, great job.

I don’t doubt for a moment that you are, to me, an amazing support in every case where I might need help in the translation and/or transcription and/or recording of such evidence.

The results speak for themselves!

Thank you for your exact and dedicated work.

Adv. Yitzhak Ben Hemo

Yitzhak Ben Hemo Law Office

We even understood people’s tones from the transcript – and that is not easy to convey.

When it comes to providing a service, positive customer experience is our guiding star. Our customers, especially those returning to work with us, tell our story in the best way.

Adv. Tali Hetz-Levi, an expert in labor law with 14 years of experience. As part of her practice, Adv. Hetz-Levi represents employees, employers, and freelancers in court, and deals with disputes between the parties.

“I came to Conclusive Evidence by chance through a recommendation of Itzik by a business networking organization. To this day, Conclusive Evidence has dealt with two different cases for me.

In the first case, I represented an employer who requested to have a pregnant employee’s layoff removed. Since the employee was a foreigner and most of the communication was conducted through WhatsApp audio messages, their transcription was required.

In the second case, I represented an employee who has been called in for a hearing prior to layoffs. The employee was pregnant in this case as well. The transcription focused on a discussion between the employee and the HR manager about her continued work. It was clear from her, in this conversation, that the employee was going to get fired – before the hearing.

The transcription I got, in both cases, was excellent. As a perfectionist, I checked the transcription word for word against the recordings. The attention to detail was down to the comma. You could even understand people’s tones from it, and that is very challenging to do in transcription.

Itzik is a unique professional. He was already very interested from our first conversation, trying to understand the technical side and the quality of the recordings. His quote was very creative, and it paid off for my clients. We received work of a very high quality, and it came out much cheaper than his competitors.

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