In all that we do, we work to provide professional and quality service while meeting the promised deadlines. I am at your disposal at any time to solve any problem that may arise in the process of preparing the material for submission as evidence in court, arbitration, or any other need. New customers who are trying us for the first time following a recommendation from a colleague are impressed by the quality of our work and service.

I would be happy to provide service and response in any matter. Call now and pass the responsibility of preparing your material to us.

Itzik Merkel


Real success is measured by the mark we leave in people; love, responsibility, and integrity are the keys to everything in life, and especially in the world of business.

My name is Itzik Merkel, CEO and owner of Conclusive Evidence – the best transcription and translation company in Israel for legal documents and the preparation of materials for court that includes transcription, authenticity testing, and more.

As a South African native, a true language enthusiast, and an avid watcher of TV law series – when I was looking for my second career I found it easy to connect the different parts of my life and start on a new path.

My first professional occupation for many years was focused on training youth football teams. A responsible and fulfilling role. After I have decided to leave that profession, I have embarked more than a decade ago on a new and fascinating road.

Working with various legal bodies, and especially lawyers, requires exceedingly accurate results in light of the fact that, quite a few times, the court has to make life-changing decisions based on the materials we are required to prepare for the case.

It is an incredibly big responsibility that my team and I take on every day, and we are proud of every submission we make, big as small, because we know how much work has been put into it and of its importance.

However, it is not only about that. The personal relationship with each client is formed over time and enables us to have an eye-level dialogue at all hours of the day or evening. Both sides care about the outcome equally, and our personal conversations allow us a deeper understanding of the subtleties in every case.

That is what it means to me to be part of the legal world. A lawyer needs a good supportive circle to fully bring his skills to the court. When reliable transcriptions of conversations need to be brought to the court as evidence, the text must be accurate, timely, true to reality, and free of background noise. Legal document translations are also important in this way – a word translated incorrectly can destroy the original meaning of the person who wrote the agreement, and from there the road to disaster is very short.

It is my full responsibility, and my commitment, to make sure that the execution is nothing short of perfect. It is in that spirit that I choose the professionals who are accompanying me.

The next step of Conclusive Evidence is already here, and is reflected in the opening of a new department dealing with commercial and business translations, as well as international collaborations. The first buds of this new road are in South Africa and England, and the list just keeps getting longer. These collaborations are all made and measured upon Conclusive Evidence’s values; Love, Professionalism, Integrity, and Fairness.

The Conclusive Evidence Team.

The Conclusive Evidence team is carefully managed from a place of real group thinking in order to maximize the performance of any project we work on. The demands from our staff are high, but our staff overcome them every single time and improve because of it.

Our professionals are measured by their professional knowledge and their actual experience in the fields we work within. All of our employees are committed to native-level mastery of their respective languages, and to understanding all the little nuances of anything that comes into their care. Regardless of this basic requirement we expect of our staff, each work is reviewed time and again to avoid any mistakes.

Itzik Merkel, the company’s CEO, is in charge of constant improvements to our technological systems and upgrading the work procedures so they will be convenient both for our team and for our clients.