Authenticity Checks.

What will determine if your recording is authentic – that is, admissible in court – is whether the recording accurately reflects the event recorded as it actually was.

Authenticity testing is one of the most significant tests to the court, and it is very important to perform it with an expert authorized by the court. In order for the recording to be admissible as evidence in court it must be authentic – i.e. it must not be modified in any way. It is advisable to hand over the recording device as it is to an authorized lab that is recognized by the court, and even appointed by it, to prepare evidence of this nature for the court’s benefit.

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An authenticity test is test that proves a recording’s continuity and reliability. It is important and necessary to perform the test in order to prevent the evidence from being invalidated by the other party in the trial.

Yes, absolutely. Submitting a transcription without a confirmation that proves the continuity of the recording and its credibility may result in the evidence being disqualified. Even after you finish recording and know that the recording you recorded yourself is continuous and reliable, the authenticity, continuity, and reliability of the recording must be tested by a court-approved expert, all so the other party will not be able to claim the evidence as being edited, “cooked”, or unreliable.