Who is translating for you?

📌 Let’s talk a little bit about translation. It is one of the most complex fields there is. A field in which every word can change the whole meaning of what is spoken. Accuracy in the choice of words can settle a situation or prevent the combustion of a dispute, a lawsuit, or otherwise.

📌 Now let’s talk about translating a text into a foreign language whose vocabulary, jargon, and idioms are very difficult. A proper bridging between these worlds of language can only be done by a professional who knows these worlds well, understands them, and is experienced in them. However, it turns out that is not always enough either, and it takes an even deeper engagement to get things right.

📌 The latest example for this is a lawyer, a resident of Bethlehem, who was required to translate Hebrew materials into Arabic. It is important to note that the Arabic language consists of many dialects, and one needs to know exactly where the material is intended before translating it. In this case, the materials were indeed translated well, but… in the wrong dialect. When the problem became apparent, we here at Conclusive Evidence re-translated the materials using our own translator who is an expert of that specific dialect.

📌 The Conclusive Evidence team is composed of professionals with many years of experience in legal translation in a wide variety of languages and dialects. As with any team that strives for excellence, we work together and enjoy the broad knowledge that each of us has. At the end of the day, receives a precise and professional product.

It is important for us that the customer gets what they need in the most professional and accurate way possible.

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