Why is it Worthwhile to Record a Court Hearing?

Why is it worthwhile to record a court hearing?

📌 The documentation of a court hearing is usually carried out through a protocol conducted by a court typist sitting alongside the judge. Every lawyer is entitled to request the hearing to be recorded instead of using the typist’s services.

📌 The hearing’s protocol should reflect all that is said during the hearing and everything relating to the case. There is a decree that says what a hearing’s protocol must include, and how it should be included. In addition, all parties in the discussion are supposed to receive a copy of the protocol at the end of the hearing. If there is a mistake in the protocol, the court may, with the agreement of the parties involved, correct the protocol in order to be precise and faithful to what was said in the hearing itself.

📌 So why should you request a recording of the court hearing instead of using the services of the court typist?

I will name 3 fundamental reasons as to the worth of inviting a company to record and make a transcription of the discussion protocol:

  1. There are no pauses while questioning a witness due to the typist not keeping up with the speech or due to mistakes in their typing, and then only if the judge notices, stops the witness’ questioning, and asks the typist to correct the error before continuing the questioning.
  2. The protocol of a transcription made from a recording is accurate and reliable, and is, of course, backed up by the recording itself.
  3. It is also possible to “hear” the protocol – the tone of speech, “tremors” and hesitation in a reply, stuttering, etc.

📌 There are yet more reasons as to the worth of recording a court hearing. For now, I will settle on these tips.

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