Why is it Worthwhile to Record a Court Hearing?

Why is it worthwhile to record a court hearing? The documentation of a court hearing is usually carried out through a protocol conducted by a court typist sitting alongside the judge. Every lawyer is entitled to request the hearing to be recorded instead of using the typist’s services. The hearing’s protocol should reflect all that […]

Who is Translating For You?

Who is translating for you? Let’s talk a little bit about translation. It is one of the most complex fields there is. A field in which every word can change the whole meaning of what is spoken. Accuracy in the choice of words can settle a situation or prevent the combustion of a dispute, a […]

“Feeling” the Transcription

We even understood people’s tones from the transcript – and that is not easy to convey. When it comes to providing a service, positive customer experience is our guiding star. Our customers, especially those returning to work with us, tell our story in the best way. Adv. Tali Hetz-Levi, an expert in labor law with […]